Max Taylor Grant



I don’t like selfies.

I owe my love of photography to my mum. She isn’t a photographer and, in fact, she takes some of the worst photos I’ve ever seen but they’re lovably bad and usually of animals she’s found in her garden. Mum always wanted to travel, but had two boys to raise as a single parent so her priorities lay elsewhere. When the chance to tour outside of the UK for a living landed in my lap, she bought me a camera and insisted that I “take her with me” and email her photos from everywhere I would go. 

To this day I don’t think I’ve ever emailed her a photo from anywhere I’ve been. I’m a terrible son, but she knows I love her all the same. 

My own photos started every bit as bad as hers but I’m persistent and wanted her investment not to be in vain. Little by little, question by question, I figured out how to use the camera and eventually how to see a final image and take it, rather than shoot however and make it up afterwards.

I’m still learning everyday, and hopefully I will be until the day I die.

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